Individual Life & Health Insurance

We Specialize in Insurance Solutions for Individual Life & Health

Higgins represents several highly rated insurance companies specializing in individual health and life insurance. From a young family with children to individual needing short-term health insurance we can design a custom tailored program within your budget. As your ongoing financial and health needs change over time we welcome the opportunity to meet with you on an ongoing basis. Please call us to analyze your current insurance program and allow our specialists to negotiate broader coverages on your behalf. Working together, we will do our best to identify and solve potential claim problems before they arise. Providing Life & Health insurance since 1897.

Because Experience Matters.

Does your current Life & Health Insurance Program include:

  • Prescription co-pays?
  • Tax advantaged health options?
  • Dental insurance?
  • Life insurance?
  • Lower cost alternatives at renewal?

Please call (270) 886-3939 or (931) 647-9270 for a Life and Health insurance specialist!

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