In 1897, Mr. J.M. Higgins helped his three sons to start new businesses in Hopkinsville, with one becoming a pharmacist, one a liquor wholesaler, and the smartest son, an insurance agent. From 1897 to the late 1960’s Mr. Archie Higgins operated an insurance agency at 700 South Main Street. The agency was located on the second floor where the Fletcher Building now stands and employed three employees.

In 1959, a young insurance adjuster applied for a job and, despite being turned down several times, Billy Radford persisted and became an insurance agent. For approximately 10 years, as Mr. Higgins was now in his 90’s, the young Mr. Radford worked hard alongside Jimmy and Geneva Proctor in servicing approximately $250,000 in premium volume. In 1969, Billy Radford and John Blane joined forces to purchase Higgins, moved to an office across from the Courthouse, and began the modern era.

Newspaper-Clipping-of-Wynn-joing-HigginsNewspaper Clipping of Wynn joing HigginsDuring the next 10 years, the agency expanded into life and health, moved to 800 South Virginia, purchased the Jesse V. Keith Agency in 1973, and continued to grow. Also, during this time, Sterling Crawford became an insurance agent and partner before his untimely death in 1978 at age 44. As the agency continued to grow, Malcolm Blane joined the agency in 1978 and Wynn Radford in 1979. During the 1980’s, Malcolm and Wynn purchased the agency from their fathers, computerized in 1983, purchased Munday, Lacy & Peden from Frank Lacy in 1987, and established an employee benefits department in 1988. In 1989, Malcolm Blane represented the agency as the Young Agent’s President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky (IIAK). In 1991, Mack Major, the grandson of Jesse V. Keith, joined the agency. In 1999, Mack became an owner of the agency. In 1999, Higgins purchased the Wallace Lawson Insurance Agency, formerly owned by Brook Lawson and Hal Johnson. In 1996, Higgins moved from its office at 800 South Virginia Street into its present office at 1819 East Ninth Street. Currently, Higgins Insurance is one of the leading independent agencies in Western Kentucky. In 2005, Higgins purchased the Tom C. Jones Agency, formerly owned by Ted Stamper. In 2009 Bradley Sandifer, the grandson of Billy Radford, joined the agency and became a partner in 2012.

In 2006 Higgins opened its new office located at 120 Center Point Drive in Clarksville, Tennessee. Tim Kittell and Bradley Sandifer have been ably managing the Clarksville office keeping up with the high expectations that have been put in front of them.

For 2012, Higgins was once again recognized as a “Best Practice” insurance agency by the Independent Insurance Agents of America and the Reagan Group, being one of only three agencies in Kentucky, six in Tennessee, and 192 nationally.

Since 1897—You Can Count on Us!


Higgins Purchases Munday, Lacy & Peden Insurance from Frank B. Lacy.


Employee Benefits Division is established.


Due to continued expansion, Higgins moves to a new corporate office at 1819 E. 9th Street.
A photo of the front of the Higgins corporate office


Higgins purchases the Wallace-Lawson Insurance Agency from Brook Lawson and Hal Johnson.


Mack Major becomes a partner in the agency.


Higgins purchases the Tom C. Jones Agency from Ted Stamper.


Higgins expands its footprint into Tennessee, opening a new office at 120 Center Pointe Drive in Clarksville in 2009.
A photo ot the Clarksville office location of Higgins Insurance


Bradley Sandifer becomes a partner in the agency.


Lee Conrad and Brad Bolinger become partners in the agency.


Higgins turns 120! A milestone made possible by countless customers that have found value and security in our longstanding stability, expertise and market presence that has spanned generations.


Higgins moves to its new corporate headquarters located at 4057 Lafayette Road. Another move driven by growth.

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